Webinar: Optimizing Instructional Workload Using Benchmarks

Available Anytime On-Demand

Watch our one-hour on-demand webinar to learn how institutions have used peer benchmarks to optimize workloads and better promote student progress.

  •  On our webinar, you will learn how to use benchmarks to:

    • Answer common instructional workload questions
    • More effectively set workload expectations
    • Efficiently adjust workload across instructor types
    • Match instructor capacity to curriculum demand to ensure student progress is well-supported
    • Use data to facilitate more impactful conversations with academic leaders

  • Meet Our Institutional Analytics Expert


    Matt Hagerty, Director

    Matt is a dedicated consultant with Academic Performance Solutions (APS). He works closely with members to ensure that analyses and insights shared through the partnership bring a data-informed approach to institutional strategy. Prior to joining EAB Matt worked in several different areas of higher education, including enrollment management, residential life, and student life. Matt holds a M.B.A. from Penn State University.

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