What Will Your School's Success Story Be?

Diverse Institutions, Measurable Results

We’ve worked with hundreds of schools that have improved student success across a variety of metrics.

Each had different goals. Each achieved something remarkable.

Download the book to learn more.

  • Learn from Your Peers

    The Student Success Collaborative is a membership of more than 500 schools working together to improve student outcomes and experiences. The Collaborative includes public and private institutions, community colleges and large research universities, minority serving institutions, systems, and more. While each member we work with has unique goals, they are all bound together by a drive to improve student success and see rapid, measurable results from their partnership with EAB.

    In our freshly updated 2019 compendium, we compiled 26 of our favorite student success case studies.

  • Different Needs, Incredible Results

    Download our book of results and search by topic, school size, or type of result.

    You will find stories of schools that transformed advising, student onboarding, faculty engagement, academic planning, and analytics. Each case will articulate what challenges the school faced, what practices, processes and technologies they implemented to improve, and of course, the results.

  • Get ready to read about major improvements in the metrics that matter.

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold

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