White Paper: Recruiting the Digital Native

Actionable Insights From Our 2019 Student Communication Preferences Survey

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  • Crafting an effective communications strategy is becoming increasingly complex. Today’s high school students, the first generation of true digital natives, have multifaceted and shifting preferences. They are online nearly constantly, yet they still value traditional forms of communication highly. They are quick to adopt new communication platforms, and quick to leave them. Furthermore, this generation can be difficult to engage: having grown up surrounded by social and digital media, they are masters at filtering out information that they deem irrelevant.

    To help our partner colleges and universities better understand this complicated landscape, EAB Enrollment Services recently surveyed over 9,000 high school students about their communication preferences and behaviors. As the white paper explains, their responses reveal clear trends and opportunities for improving student engagement.

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Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold