Case Studies

The 2020 APS Case Study Compendium

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic it’s more important than ever that colleges and universities operate efficiently. From conducting program health check-ups to managing instructional capacity, our partner colleges and universities are using Academic Performance Solutions (APS) to identify opportunities for better resource allocation that impact student success and the bottom line.

Download this compendium for a selection of case studies that highlight how EAB partners use APS to improve resource allocation, increase transparency, and advance student progress.

We brought APS on board to democratize and standardize our data to create conversations rather than shadow databases and to bring our data into alignment with a single source visualization. It is performing remarkably well. Before APS it felt like we were making those decisions with a magic eight ball. Now with APS we are able to speak to them with data.” –Provost, Midsize Public University

Download the Compendium