Case Study Compendium

What Will Your School's Success Story Be?

More than 550 colleges and universities currently use Navigate, EAB’s student success management system, to support, engage, retain, and graduate their students. These partners have leveraged our research, technology, and customized consulting to drive student success on their campuses, seeing impressive results in the first year of partnership and beyond.

Download the 2021 Case Study Compendium to read 33 diverse case studies. Learn about a range of best practices for improving student outcomes and helping students see a return on education. Whether their campus is small or large, public or private, each of the highlighted schools leverages Navigate in a way that suits their unique culture and mission.

Many of these colleges and universities are seeing meaningful shifts in key metrics, from staff efficiency to persistence to reducing equity gaps.

Download our book of results and search by topic, school size, or type of result.