2022 Report

Wisr Enrollment Yield Report

EAB publishes an annual Wisr Yield Report that aims to shed light on how Wisr Virtual Communities drive impact at our partner colleges and universities. In July 2022, EAB compiled data from sixteen partnering colleges and universities to evaluate the impact that Wisr Virtual Communities had on student yield. Participating institutions provided students’ deposit status and dates that were matched with Wisr application behavioral data. The study includes a broad array of institutional types—public and private; large, medium, and small; urban and rural.

Among other key findings, we found that:

  • A student who joins Wisr is 3.5x more likely to deposit than a student who does not join Wisr.
  • Passive engagement, such as viewing or reacting to user-generated content in Wisr, is an indicator of intent to deposit.
  • Students who deposit connect with fellow admitted students at a higher rate than students who do not deposit.

Download the resource to learn more.