Engage Diverse Alumni

Advancement Forum | Toolkit

A toolkit to expand your donor pool

  • Colleges today are more diverse than ever, as our campuses welcome record numbers of first-generation, international, minority, and women students.

  • So where does your advancement office fit into this trend?

  • Most advancement offices still target a primarily white, male donor base—which means they overlook a growing base of potential donors. In order to effectively engage and solicit an increasingly diverse alumni base, EAB’s Advancement Forum put together this toolkit to help you:

    • Guide conversations with diverse alumni about how your institution can better engage minority populations.
    • Establish successful giving circles that engage alumni outside of the historical pipeline of white, male donors.
    • Identify campus units that work with diverse alumni to reach out to about funding priorities.
    • Equip MGOs with the training they need to solicit and engage with diverse prospects.

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