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AI and the Future of Higher Ed: What Every Cabinet Leader Needs to Know

How will AI transform higher education? This isn't just a question for the future—the changes have already begun. Watch the on-demand webinar to hear EAB experts have a lively discussion of how to navigate the hype around AI and figure out what it means for your staff, your students, and your institution.

From reshaping curricula to hyper-personalizing student support services, AI's footprint in higher ed is growing fast. What do senior leaders need to understand about this disruptive force? Watch the on-demand webinar to hear our EAB expert panel answer that question and more. In the first half of the webinar we’ll share our latest research, including reflections on the most common questions we’re hearing from your peers. After that, our panel will discuss:
  • Why ChatGPT and other generative AI tools mark a new era in AI capabilities
  • 3 common misconceptions about AI and why they are not true
  • The biggest opportunities AI presents for higher education
  • How leaders across the cabinet are considering the potential risks and rewards of AI

Afia Tasneem
Senior Director, Strategic Research
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Chief Information Security Officer

Vice President, Enrollment Product Development

Vice President, Engineering (Student Success)

Managing Director, Data Science