What If You Could Unmask “Stealth Applicants” Earlier?

Part 1/3: Prompting Early Inquiries from Adult Learners

From our research partners in the COE Forum

  • 31 million adult learners have some college education but no degree. Universities are investing in graduate, online, and degree completion programs to tap into this large student market. If you build it, they will come… right?

    Unfortunately, no. There are unique challenges that come with recruiting adult learners and you have to structure your team and marketing and admissions processes to overcome these challenges.

    The good news: our research partners in the COE Forum developed a 3-part white paper series, Recruiting the Silent Funnel, to help you do just that.

    Download Part 1 today and learn about the elusive adult learner and how to prompt early inquiry for stealth prospects.

    Coming Soon:
    Part 2: Restarting Stalled Applications (pending applicants are hot leads!)
    Part 3: Smart next steps to help you offer the right programs, use targeted outreach, and offer adult students personalized professional development

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