Recruiting the Silent Funnel

Prompting Inquiry, Increasing Yield, and Capturing Reenrollments

  • The adult student market is often presented as a large open market with a lot of opportunity. With 31 million US adults with some college education but no degree, it does present higher education with new opportunities to mitigate declines in undergraduate enrollment. We’ve been seeing universities make significant investments in their adult student programs across graduate studies, online programs, and degree completion programs.

    Recruiting adult students, however, is not only difficult, but it's increasingly expensive as competition in the market continues to rise. Today’s prospective adult students are skilled online shoppers adept at and increasingly comfortable with finding and comparing institutions to meet their varied educational needs.

    We want to help you understand the complexities associated with reaching this growing audience. 

    Download Recruiting the Silent Funnel from our research partners in the COE Forum, and learn:
    • How to structure your recruiting team to manage the unique challenges that stem from recruiting an increasingly silent funnel
    • How to prompt early inquiry and establish a web-based journey for stealth prospects
    • How to restart stalled applications and understand the complexities associated with reaching this growing audience

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