Why Higher Ed Marketers Need Data Science to Recruit Adult Students

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Find out how machine learning analytics can help you identify, understand, and attract your prospective adult learners.

  • How Data Science Helps Find Your Right-Fit Students

    Discover how our genetic algorithm mimics biological evolution to uncover the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your prospective adult learner and where they are in the decision-making progress.

  • Where Big Data Marketing Meets Higher Ed

    See how we use machine learning to create a 365-degree profile of your right-fit students, gathering insights on their unique personality and demographic characteristics and using the insights to inform your outreach campaign strategies.

  • How Applying Data-Powered Student Insights Drives Better Results

    Learn how incorporating targeted, personalized copy and imagery into your campaigns improves engagement from prospective adult learners and make the most of your investments in digital advertising.

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold

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