Webinar: Supporting Institutional Goals Through Resource Allocation

Watch On-Demand Anytime

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how EAB's Academic Performance Solutions (APS) enables institutions to make data-informed resource allocation decisions that will better position them to achieve their financial goals.

  • On our on-demand webinar, we show how APS can help schools identify cost savings opportunities by making key performance indicators and truly comparable benchmarking data easily accessible, including:

    • Instructional costs per credit hour
    • Instructional workloads
    • Class sizes
    • Course cap maximums
  • Watch our webinar to learn how APS's data visualization technology, benchmarking data, and consultative services have helped other institutions save hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time—and how it can help your institution to do so as well.

  • Meet our EAB Expert

    Ben Galina, Associate Director
    Ben specializes in helping executive teams develop plans for institutional success and change management with Academic Performance Solutions (APS). He brings experience from prior roles in technology implementation and strategy at EAB, as well as years of experience in academia research and teaching Latin American literature. Ben holds a PhD of Philosophy from Vanderbilt University in Hispanic and Latin American languages, literatures, and linguistics.

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