White Paper

Breaking the Advising Stalemate:
Building a Consistent Advising Experience to Address Students’ Needs

Even before the pandemic brought its own host of challenges to higher education, institutional leaders found themselves investing in services to support growing populations of students facing food and housing insecurity, mental health challenges, and financial pressures. Investments in holistic advising were a significant part of this support, although these investments were often made in a piecemeal fashion and governed by different processes and objectives.

As a result, pockets of holistic advising are now found at most higher education institutions, but a lack of coordination limits the effectiveness and consistency of student advising. With little institution-wide strategy and limited funding, an individual student might have vastly different advising experiences at the same school. This scenario is even more problematic when students with similar levels of need receive inconsistent and varied levels of support.

To better support our students, we must clearly define the responsibilities of each advising role and provide students access to a team of experts ready to provide the guidance they need.

Download the whitepaper to explore:
  • Why standardized advising (rather than centralization) is critical
  • How to assign responsibilities between faculty and professional advising functions
  • Strategies to empower all advisors to provide student-centered advising
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