Bloomsburg University cohort achieves 4% greater student persistence

Student Success Collaborative | Member Case Study

How Bloomsburg University empowered faculty advising

  • In a challenging fiscal environment, Bloomsburg was seeing a decline in first-year retention. To turn things around, leadership set out to identify a more holistic approach to student success and to become a mission-centered institution.

  • In 2016, Bloomsburg piloted a new advising program, the SSC Faculty Fellows Initiative. These faculty members would oversee a small cohort of undeclared freshmen and leverage new technology to track notes and student success markers.

  • Out of the 414 students in the SSC Faculty Fellows Program:

    • 22% declared a major in their first year
    • 70% persisted into their sophomore year
    • 99% were advised using the SSC platform

    Learn what made this initiative a success and how the cohort was able to achieve 4.1% greater persistence compared to peers.

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