Student Success Advising Office of the Future

On-Demand Webinar

Rethink your advising model to improve student outcomes

  • As student demographics shift, schools have re-envisioned the role of the academic advisor. Gone are the days of focusing on course registration and transactional services. Today, advising offices are moving toward the vision of a true “student success office.”

    Watch EAB’s webinar to learn how strategically assigned student caseloads, holistic advising methods, and advising effectiveness metrics are changing the landscape on college campuses nationwide.

  • We’ll answer your most pressing questions, like:

    • What is the role of academic advising in improving student outcomes?
    • How do we assign caseloads that set up advisors (and students!) for success?
    • What are the most effective strategies for measuring the effectiveness of advising?
  • Join student success expert, Dr. Christina Hubbard, to explore how progressive community and technical college leaders are building best-in-class advising offices and encouraging their staff to fully embrace the habits of next-generation advisors.

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