What will your school's success story be?

Diverse Institutions Seeing Impressive Results

We’ve worked with hundreds of schools to improve student outcomes. See how.

The Student Success Collaborative is a partnership of more than 500 members that includes a wide variety of institutions—small and large, public and private, minority-serving, and more. What binds them together is their drive to improve student success and see rapid, measurable results from their partnership with EAB.

This Case Study Compendium showcases 17 diverse members who have taken their own tailored approach and improved student success across a variety of metrics, including:

  • University of South Alabama

    A midsized public university increased their overall retention rate by 12% through a combination of campus-wide policy change and targeted campaigns.

  • Florida State University

    A large university with high institutional graduation rates launched a program to better support first-generation students and increased sophomore to junior retention for these students by 11.3%.

  • Samford University

    A private university with 3,000 undergraduate students engaged faculty in student success and saw a 2% increase in first-year retention, equating to $674,252 in additional tuition revenue.

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