Two Student Support Resources that Increased Persistence at Clackamas Community College

Community College Executive Forum | Case Study

Incredible Results After Implementing New FAFSA Lab and Learning Center

  • Like many community college teams, over the past few years, academic leaders at Clackamas Community College have recognized the link between student utilization of campus support services and persistence, retention, and completion rates.

  • Their team wanted to add even more student support services, but didn’t know the best approach to achieve a substantial return from these investments. They reviewed two research studies from EAB’s Community College Executive Forum—Preventing Early Attrition and Reengineering Developmental Math—and selected best practices to assist them with designing their new FAFSA lab and a support center for students in developmental English and math.

  • These changes resulted in the following:

    • Increasing the number of students receiving financial assistance by 18x in a two-year period
    • Decreasing the likelihood of students withdrawing from writing classes by 300% after vising the learning center

    Download the full case study to see how Clackamas was able to achieve these incredible results and leverage EAB's best practice research to improve the student experience.

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