Key benchmarks you should review before discussing class size


Access key highlights from the inaugural data report

  • The conversation around class size is becoming increasingly important to academic planning, covering everything from classroom availability, faculty workload, and department spending.

  • Understanding how your university is performing against your peers can be tricky, however, given the individualized nature of academic planning decisions.

  • That's why the Academic Performance Solutions team at EAB has created a national benchmarking database to examine real and current information from apples-to-apples peer comparisons. Analyses from these insight reports reveal cohort, department, and course size specific metrics based on standardized data from 43 member institutions.

    This two-page excerpt of the Benchmarking Insight Report will help you:

    • Identify key areas of class size variation
    • Learn how to shape class size without compromising academic quality
    • Understand class size in relation to completion rates

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    "Benchmarking Insight Report"

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