Case Study

Expanding Analytics Capabilities and Improving Campus Data Use

Institutional Research at Dixie State University (DSU) used to be largely compliance-driven. Data management and governance were siloed, leading to inconsistent data accuracy and widespread frustration. As DSU set out to become a more data-informed organization, they partnered with EAB to implement Education Data Hub as a data management platform to organize data and facilitate access to reliable information.

With the Education Data Hub, the Institutional Effectiveness team at DSU is growing the University’s analytical capacity—shifting from an environment of snapshots and manually updated data to interactive visualizations and analyses.

“We’re building out something so robust. Education Data Hub represents a culture shift toward data being accessible to all.”
– Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Dixie State University

Download the case study to learn how DSU is building the culture and technical infrastructure to support data-informed decisions.

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