Insight Paper

The Data For Student Equity Playbook

Preparing Your Institution’s Actual Data to Support Your Ideal Equity Use Cases: A Case Study from University of Montana

The Data for Student Equity Project is reshaping the data and technology ecosystem at the University of Montana to improve the experiences and outcomes of Native American students. This insight paper explores the bold vision and intentional design of this project and offers practical advice for developing dynamic tools to better support students and improve equity at your institution.

Get a look inside the process of designing and rolling out two of the Data for Student Equity Project’s dashboards—one to identify financial barriers Native American students face and one to explore career pathways—and see what we learned about using data to support priority populations.

Download the playbook to:
  • Understand the design process for the dashboards we created
  • Explore 7 data challenges we encountered and how to respond to them
  • Access lessons for improving data governance and coordinating people, processes, and technology to create dynamic tools for student support
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