“Nudging” Your Students to Success

A Guide to Behavioral Interventions for Student Success

Many of the crucial milestones students struggle with in college resemble the same decision points that thwart our best intentions—like saving money for retirement or selecting health insurance plans.

  • Faculty and advisors are often frustrated when students don’t correctly navigate milestones like applying for financial aid or planning their courses—without realizing that the complexity of these processes can activate students’ underlying cognitive biases and trip up their decision-making.

    This new white paper from EAB elucidates the mental barriers that cause students to stumble and shows how college leaders tasked with improving student outcomes can design behavioral interventions to help students overcome them.

  • In this white paper, you will:

    • Understand the cognitive biases that prevent students from making optimal decisions
    • Read case studies of how colleges successfully deployed nudges to improve student outcomes
    • Apply nudging design principles to your own student success interventions
  • Fill out the form to download the white paper.

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold

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