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Superintendent Research Briefing: Building a Better Behavior Management Strategy

AASA and EAB hosted a Superintendent Research Briefing webinar designed to help district leaders get smart quickly on the issue of disruptive student behavior and give them actionable strategies so they can make progress in managing it. Watch the webinar on-demand to better understand what the latest research says about the significant rise in disruptive student behavior over the past few years – especially since the pandemic – and come away with new frameworks and strategies to start better managing student behavior in your schools.

About the Webinar 

The significant increase in disruptive student behavior over the past few years has left educators overwhelmed and parents frustrated. The most confusing aspect of this challenge is that districts already invest in many of the research-based practices and intervention frameworks for addressing student behavior, but very few have managed to realize the promised results.

EAB’s research uncovered the top barriers preventing behavior management despite districts investing in the ‘right’ programs and strategies. The bottom line is district leaders are not fulfilling the three requirements that psychology tells us their educators will require for success with behavior management: they must understand ‘what’ to do, must know ‘why’ to do it, and must know ‘how’ to do it well.

During this on-demand webinar, researchers from EAB share the latest data and research on student behavior management and share new practices for building a better behavior management system in your schools.
About the Superintendent Research Briefing Webinars: District leaders have a lot on their plates, and limited time to get up-to-speed on the many challenges facing their schools. EAB’s Superintendent Research Briefing webinars summarize the latest research to (1) help districts leaders get smart quickly on an important issue, and (2) provide them with actionable strategies they can take away to get started on addressing it. Join us to make faster progress on today’s most complex K-12 challenges.

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Ben Court 

Senior Director, EAB K-12 Research
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Mary Allen Langford

Managing Director, Partner Development, EAB K-12 Research
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