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Webinar for District Leaders

How to (Finally) Succeed with Science of Reading: Research-Backed Strategies for Early Literacy

AASA and EAB hosted a virtual event to share innovative strategies that are accelerating early literacy in districts nationwide. Watch the webinar on-demand to better understand the true reasons most science of reading initiatives fail and hear from district leaders who have found success transforming reading in their schools.

About the Webinar 

Two thirds of children are struggling to read by 3rd grade in America today. The science is clear that most students are capable of learning to read and that struggling readers can catch up. But districts have struggled to align instruction with reading science and outcomes have failed to improve.

In this on-demand webinar presentation, researchers from EAB provide an exclusive look into the findings of our multi-year investigation into the science of reading and share innovative strategies that are accelerating early literacy in districts nationwide. You will hear directly from our panel of district leaders who have found success implementing new early literacy programs in their schools.

Watch the webinar on-demand to gain a better understanding of the true reasons most districts have struggled to make progress (hint: PD itself is not enough) and come away with new frameworks and strategies to start accelerating early literacy in your schools.

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Should you have any questions, please reach out to Allie Glenn at [email protected].

Presenters and District Leadership Panelists 

DLF-Sarah Manes-IMG.png

Sarah Manes

Subject Matter Expert, EAB K-12 Research 
Tanya Hutsona.png

Tanya Hutsona

Director of Partner Development, EAB K-12 Research
Matt Pearce Headshot.jpg

Matt Pearce

Superintendent, Republic School District
Christy Coursey Headshot.jpg

Christy Coursey

Executive Director of Elementary Learning, Republic School District
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