As the world becomes more interconnected, universities are discovering more opportunities to benefit from international partnerships. However, increasingly complex global challenges and competition requires institutions to take a highly centralized and coordinated approach.

With this in mind, EAB and HUMANE are pleased to host a virtual workshop series for university leaders. Across three sessions, EAB experts will guide participants through a comprehensive international partnership strategy and facilitate small-group discussion amongst peers.

Session 1: Cultivating an International Partnership Portfolio
  • Identify institutional strengths and align partnerships with university goals
  • Implement a database of existing partnerships and relationships on campus
  • Craft an international strategy champion and vision to implement a global brand
Session 2: Identifying Opportunities for New and Expanded Partnerships
  • Expand into new markets and activities within existing partnerships
  • Collect data on partnership ROI and communicate impact on university goals
  • Live discussion with Tayyeb Shah (University of Western Australia), Dora Longoni (University of Padua), David Ouchterlonie (University of Nottingham), and Marcelo Tavora (Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná)
Session 3: Empowering Academic Staff and Unit Leaders to Make Smarter Partnership Decisions
  • Analyze deterrents related to foreign interference and cybersecurity concerns 
  • Examine methods to incentivize and engage faculty in international efforts
  • Understand levers to reduce risks to institutional finances and reputation
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