How Higher Education Can Keep Pace with Growing Sustainability Aspirations

EAB is pleased to co-host this webinar with TEFMA. Watch this webinar on-demand to hear global examples and best-practice research to guide university leaders through sustainability strategy. 


 Fischer-Michael-Studio-Session-2-707-484x484.jpg CANCEL SAVE

Michael Fischer

Director, EAB Reseach Advisory Services

 INTL-TEFMA-KathleenPacker.png CANCEL SAVE

Kathleen Packer

Director of Facilities Management, University of Wollongong

Our planet is in crisis. Higher education leaders are among the many to recognise concerns, as issues like climate change, natural disasters, and increased energy consumption directly impact institutions. Understandably, students, staff, alumni, and even governments demand action and response from their institutions.

However, institutions are challenged to evolve into a greener campus, as sustainability standards increasingly rise, campus goals are set unattainably high and resources are limited for such achievements.

The pandemic forced many of us to pause our sustainability efforts, but this also means institutions now have an opportunity to evaluate their strategies and come out stronger. In this session, EAB will guide leaders through global examples of how to best:

  • Audit current and future sustainability initiatives to prioritise best-fit opportunities
  • Improve sustainability plans with more focused frameworks and targeted goals
  • Strengthen relationships outside the sustainability office and coordinate campus-wide sustainability efforts
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