Times Higher Education and EAB

Seismic Shifts and Aftershocks in International Student Enrolment: Sizing the Near- and Long-term Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic

In this on-demand webinar co-hosted with Times Higher Education, EAB experts examine the short- and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on higher education's enrolment trajectories and how to respond to these trends. 

Across nearly every segment of higher education institutions, growing and sustaining enrolments within an increasingly volatile international landscape remains a top concern  - but each week, new headlines suggest seemingly contradictory trends. 

In this session, EAB experts help you break through the noise to understand some of the actual trends in international student applications, enrolments, and attitudes. This session features:  

  • Insights on how leading institutions are responding to increased market volatility, and how they’re preparing for the biggest challenges of the next decade
  • Short-term outlooks for destination countries, including the impact of COVID-related policies, enrolment trajectory, federal policies, and student perceptions
  • The implications of major jumps in price sensitivity and the future of multi-modal recruiting and programming

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