Explore the Future of College Admissions:
Global School Counselor Panel on Match, Powered by Concourse


Step Into the Next Era of College Admission Process

View our on-demand webinar for an in-depth exploration of the Match, powered by Concourse platform. This session is hosted by a panel of school counselors from across the globe, including Jenny Tassell from the International School of Panama in Panama City, Panama; Phillip Wenturine from Brewster Madrid in Madrid, Spain; and Kari Withers from the International School of Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. These seasoned professionals share their experience with Match, providing valuable perspectives on its transformative impact on the college admissions landscape.

Insights and Experiences Shared

Listen to two dedicated counselors, with three and five years of engagement with Match, as they share the benefits and transformative experiences associated with using this platform. Their stories will highlight how Match is making college admissions more accessible and effective.

Q&A Insights and Next Steps

This webinar extends past presentations to include a pre-recorded Q&A session, where the panel addresses key questions. Gain insights and actionable advice on integrating the Concourse platform into your college admissions process from this informative segment.

Benefits of the Match Program for Students

This session will highlight the advantages of the Match program, emphasizing its role in easing the college application process, encouraging exploration of diverse educational opportunities, and enabling direct communication between students and universities.

An Invitation to Rethink College Admissions

This on-demand webinar invites students, educators, and counselors to explore how Match can transform the college admissions process. By fostering direct connections and simplifying the journey to higher education, Match paves the way for success.

Watch Now: Step Forward into the Future of College Admissions with Match, Powered by Concourse.