Data-Driven Strategies to Recruit and Enroll Adult Learners

On-Demand Webinar

How can institutions backfill lost revenue from projected undergraduate enrollment declines?

  • Graduate and online growth is a top concern for many university leaders in the face of declining undergraduate enrollment. Yet we know it can be a challenge to prioritize programs and build a cost-effective strategy around adult learners, whose heterogeneous profiles can make them difficult to recruit. 

    Find out how EAB is helping graduate, professional, and continuing and online education programs use big data and out-of-industry marketing strategies to:
    • Strategically identify new pools of high-affinity students
    • Reach more prospective students by leveraging the right channels at the right time
    • Motivate your best-fit students to apply and enroll

  • This approach helped one institution increase enrollments by 33%. Watch the webinar to learn how these strategies could help your institution do the same.

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