Learn how the University of South Alabama increased institution retention by 12%

Case Study | Student Success Collaborative

Partnering with EAB for quick wins and long-term change

  • Since 2005, the University of South Alabama (USA) had struggled with declining retention despite enrollment growth. To turn things around, they created a long-term student success strategy— while pushing for quick wins to unite the campus. After partnering with the Student Success Collaborative, USA launched two campus-wide target campaigns in 2016.

  • The first campaign focused on students with excessive credits, helping 126 more students graduate in 2016. The second campaign targeted students in need of academic coaching. As a result, these students improved their GPAs, completed more credits, and retained at a higher rate.

  • Download the case study to learn how USA ensured rapid wins during the first year of their Student Success Collaborative partnership, and translated these wins into sustained culture change.

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