Law School Recruitment Strategies for a Shifting Market

From a fully virtual recruitment environment to shifts in the LSAT, the past year has brought significant disruption to traditional law school enrollment. And with the possibility of expanded online course delivery, law schools may soon face a new set of questions, beyond the current challenges of diminishing demand and heightened competition.

To scale key enrollment and class quality metrics, even in uncertain times, the most innovative law schools are leveraging unique data assets, machine learning, and multi-channel marketing to engage and nurture their top leads.

Join our webinar to discover emerging market trends and learn how EAB is helping law schools:

  • Adapt to a fully remote recruitment environment with virtual campus tours
  • Improve engagement with personalized, multi-channel marketing at scale
  • Optimize test taker targeting to reach the right prospects
  • Boost application and yield rates with a nudge-inspired strategy

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