Program Overview

Learn about EAB's Financial Sustainability Collaborative

We have spent more than a decade identifying best practices in recruiting, retention, program launch, program assessment, and academic reorganization. Now, we are launching the Financial Sustainability Collaborative to help partners apply these insights to attain and maintain financial health.

Higher ed is under enormous financial stress, buckling from declines in net tuition, lost auxiliary revenues, significant state budget cuts, and COVID-related costs. While these challenges were exacerbated by the pandemic, many are long-standing. The goal of financial sustainability—generating sufficient resources to meet your institutional obligations—has become particularly challenging in this environment.

To help colleges and universities meet this challenge, EAB is launching the Financial Sustainability Collaborative. The Collaborative will help your team:

  • Estimate achievable targets for revenue growth and cost savings
  • Communicate external and internal challenges in a clear and compelling way to stakeholders
  • Identify the main drivers of performance in enrollment, retention, new program launch, academic efficiency, and instructional productivity
  • Quantify the implications of different options to help you assess tradeoffs
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