State Market Demand Profiles


Pinpoint the most-demanded jobs, skills, and employers in your state

  • As the pressure mounts to be first-to-market with distinctive programs, many COE leaders label new program development as highly reactive—often based more on faculty curricular interests than regional workforce needs. Meanwhile, existing programs remain untouched as leaders direct their time, money, and staff to new program creation.

    Drawing from more than 100 million unique job postings through our partnership with Burning Glass, our state market demand dashboard offers a snapshot of the hottest jobs, skills, and employers in each state.

  • To help you get a leg up in a crowded market, the dashboard complements our customized market research by:

    • Inspiring ideas for new programs
    • Highlighting new audiences and curricular components
    • Identifying new corporate training partners
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    "State Market Demand Dashboard: Regional Snapshots of Hot Jobs, Skills, and Employers"

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