How One University Could Save $900k with a New Class Size Policy

Case Study Academic Performance Solutions

  • Reallocating Faculty Workload with APS Benchmarking Insights

    In 2016, one private institution was facing a declining enrollment challenge while at the same time anticipating state budget cuts.

  • In search of a way to better manage costs, the institution’s academic leadership team attended a two-day summit hosted by EAB’s Academic Performance Solutions, where they heard the latest research, best practice insights, and benchmarks from across the APS cohort on the potential cost-reduction impact of class size policy changes.

  • Download our case study to learn how the team used what they learned at the summit to update their existing payroll policy, redefine “low enrollment” for their courses, and reallocate faculty workload for a potential instructional cost savings of $900,000. Download the case study to examine how your school can do the same.

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