On-Demand: Enrollment Strategy After the NACAC Vote

Understanding Key Offensive and Defensive Approaches

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  • Changes to NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practice (CEPP) have cleared the way for colleges and universities to pursue aggressive recruitment tactics previously off-limits to them.

    Few enrollment leaders doubt that this will directly affect how they recruit and retain students. At the same time, it is not at all clear how rapid and widespread the adoption of these more aggressive recruitment approaches might be, or how impactful they will prove in practice. 

    To provide enrollment leaders with a stronger foundation for planning and action, EAB has collected information from a wide range of industry sources on key topics related to post-CEPP strategy. During this hour-long webinar, EAB's Dean of Enrollment Management, Madeleine Rhyneer, and Head of Research, Pam Kiecker Royall, PhD, answered enrollment leaders' top questions, including:

    • Which tactics are most likely to be taken up by the greatest number of schools?
    • Which market factors will determine the pace at which these tactics are adopted?
    • Which population—inbound college freshmen or currently enrolled students—presents the greater risk and opportunity?
    • What actions should enrollment leaders be taking right now to prepare, and what have we already seen in the marketplace?

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold

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