Never Looking Back: How the Pandemic Paved the Way for Student-Centered Institutions

On-Demand Webinar

The pandemic taught us the importance of reorienting student success around holistic student needs, but outdated and inefficient technology ecosystems can hamper our ability to meet the moment. Achieving retention and equity goals in the 2020s will require colleges and universities to undergo a digital transformation in how they offer support to students, turning all leaders into “digital leaders.”

Access the on-demand webinar to hear from EAB’s Ed Venit on what we’ve learned about our students' needs and our own limitations in the last year and what we need to do differently to raise student success rates going forward. You will learn about:
  • The challenges facing us in the decade ahead
  • The risks of an ineffective technology ecosystem
  • Old habits to leave in the past
  • New innovations you should be adopting