Next-Generation Academic Advising to Improve Student Success

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

Re-envisioning the role of the advisor to improve student outcomes

  • The rapid evolution of higher education and the student demographics it serves will demand major innovations in academic advising in the coming years. To meet these demands, advising must move beyond course registration and transactional services—and toward the vision of a true “student success office.”

  • Watch EAB's webinar with Lindsay Miars, Director of Strategic Research at EAB, for a session exploring how progressive institutions are adopting new organizational models, technology policies, and accountability practices to build best-in-class advising offices. She will share how leaders are encouraging their staff to fully embrace the habits of next-generation advisors.

  • By watching the on-demand webinar, you will learn:

    • How the role of the academic advisor has evolved over the past three decades, and why this matters
    • Key competencies and skills missing from most advisor training and professional development
    • Metrics and tools progressive schools are using to establish accountability with their advising staff
    • How institutions have improved retention and graduation rates in 1-2 years by rethinking their advising models

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