White Paper

The Pandemic Ripple Effect: Four Potential Long-Term Impacts on College Enrollment and Student Success

Higher education has been heavily disrupted by the pandemic in ways that we may be dealing with long after other parts of our economy rebound. These pandemic “ripples” could define the next decade or more as we grapple with metabolizing an unprecedented amount of change in such a short period of time. In this whitepaper, Dr. Ed Venit outlines four potential long-term impacts of the pandemic on higher ed and offers guidance to help you prepare for the future.

This whitepaper offers data and recommended action steps to prepare for the impact these four ripple effects of the pandemic in higher ed:

  1. Social disengagement
  2. Student mental health
  3. Transfer availability
  4. Unfinished K-12 learning
Download a copy to explore the data Dr. Venit presented in the keynote address of CONNECTED, EAB’s annual gathering of student success leaders, this winter.
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