Insight Paper

Every Interaction Counts: Strengthening Community College Recruitment Communications Amidst the Great Opt-out

Community colleges are trying to rebound from historic enrollment declines at a time when more students are opting out of higher education. Because of the “Great Opt-Out" and increased competition for a shrinking pool of students, building strong connections with prospective students early in their college search process is critical. This paper explores growing “non-consumption” trends, and how to develop a proactive prospect communications strategy that can maximize each interaction with potential students.

4 recommendations to build a better prospect management strategy

To help you plan for enrollment season, EAB experts have compiled recommendations from innovative community colleges. This insight paper outlines specific strategies for organizing your prospects, improving communication, and recording outcomes so you can proactively connect with more students.

Download the insight paper to:

• Understand “the Great Opt-Out” and trends in the “consumption” of higher education
• Learn how to locate your non-consumers
• Leverage technology to scale communications to prospective students
• Streamline your enrollment processes and track impact

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