Planning for Growth in the Shifting Adult Learner Landscape

On-Demand Webinar
This webinar will share highlights from EAB’s latest research on the adult learner enrollment landscape and discuss emerging countercyclical opportunities in graduate and adult programs. You’ll learn about the strategies that EAB uses to help institutions overcome the challenge of planning for post-COVID growth, including using real-time labor market data and competitive analyses to inform program design.

Building a Robust Right-Fit Prospect Audience

On-Demand Webinar
With as many as 70% of adult learners applying to programs as stealth applicants, prospective adult learners are a notoriously hard-to-reach audience. Learn the data-driven strategies that EAB uses to help our partners identify more right-fit prospects, including consumer analytics, strategic test-taker targeting, first-party digital targeting, and testing innovative pilot audiences.

Intent-Based Marketing at Scale

On-Demand Webinar
After you’ve identified your right-fit prospects, recruiting them at scale can be challenging, in large part because adult learners’ needs, motivations, and expectations are so varied. Join us to learn about intent-driven marketing strategies that allow you to be hyper-responsive to unique student journeys and amplify engagement across the marketing funnel.

Maximizing Conversions with Data and Analytics

On-Demand Webinar
A smart growth strategy requires consistent, data-backed innovation. Learn how EAB applies a transparent, strategic approach to growth through a rigorous testing and learning agenda, admitted student surveys, and an on-demand campaign performance portal.

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