How to Assess Return on Your Recruitment Marketing Investments

How to Assess Return on Your Recruitment-Marketing Investments

Few colleges and universities have the capabilities to accurately assess the impact of their recruitment-related investments. Assessing ROI can be difficult, and few enrollment teams have the capacity to perform all the right analyses, many of which are seen as “nice to have” versus “need to have.”

But that does not mean it’s not worth it. Each year, many schools miss their enrollment goals, and while that is frequently attributable to difficult market conditions, it is sometimes the result of recruitment approaches pursued (or not pursued). Some enrollment strategies deliver better results than others for the same amount of spend, and choosing the right ones can make all the difference.

Access the on-demand resources below to learn:
  • Four methodologies for assessing ROI to help you define your enrollment strategy and budget
  • Key considerations for choosing a methodology that best matches your school’s circumstances
  • How to calculate the impact of recruitment and financial aid investments based on enrollment goals, such as headcount, student-generated revenue, and academic profile