Emerging Practices in Business School Recruitment

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An Interview with Petia Whitmore, Former Dean of Graduate Admissions at Babson College
  • A recent Moody’s report cited that 59% of business schools report declining applications. To grow in this environment, you must understand the shifting mindset of the business school applicant.

    Join Petia Whitmore, Former Dean of Graduate Admissions at Babson College, for insights from the survey and to understand three strategies leading programs are using to grow, despite tough market conditions:

    1. Learn how to appeal to ROI-minded candidates, so candidates don’t opt to stay employed instead of going back to school.
    2. Learn how to address questions of school-life balance.
    3. Learn three things you should evaluate to make your admissions process more student-centric.

    Watch the webinar for insights to increase GME applications (and yield).

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