Executive Brief

EAB's Higher Ed State of the Sector 2022

5 Emerging Realities Shaping the Future of Higher Education

Higher education leaders have long been attuned to disruption—the demographic cliff, the threat of widespread closures, and the “unbundling” of the degree, to name a few—and its role in shaping the market. And the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent events have certainly demonstrated the wide-ranging impact that disruption can have on institutions.

This year’s State of the Sector research, outlined in this executive brief, explores how these competitive forces are redefining five key terrains, as well as what market leaders must do to distinguish themselves in the years to come:
  • The Widening Gap Between High School Graduation and College Enrollment
  • Established Graduate Programs Join the Online Revolution
  • And Increasing Winner-take-Most Research Funding Market
  • The Long-Term Talent Crunch
  • Talent Crisis Poses Student Experience Risks
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