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Scenarios for the Fall

Making Consequential Decisions Under Extreme Uncertainty

Emerging from the period of COVID-19 crisis management, college and university leaders will face critical decisions about the fall term in spite of ongoing uncertainty. In this webinar, EAB experts share key insights for fall scenario planning and explore questions about what enrollment, budget, and on-campus interactions may look like.

Universities are facing extreme uncertainty as they approach the next academic year, meaning they must plan for multiple scenarios of what their campus could look like this fall.

In this webinar, EAB experts David Attis and Jenna Hock:

• Share what they’ve learned from recent conversations with academic leaders about how they’re approaching fall scenario planning

• Discuss enrollment and cost cutting strategies colleges and universities are beginning to implement

• Explore how EAB is helping schools navigate these critical decisions, including providing accurate and up-to-date data for academic planning

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APS-David Attis-IMG.jpg

Managing Director, Research
Areas of Expertise
  • Efficiency and Analytics
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Strategy and Planning

Jenna Hock

Senior Director, Partner Development
Areas of Expertise
  • Student Success
  • Academic Planning