2022 Higher Ed State of the Sector: The Fight to be Chosen

On-Demand Webinar

At every turn, higher ed institutions must now compete to be the institution of choice – for their students, their talent, their research funding – all of which present with heightened scarcity post-COVID. Alternatives for each stakeholder have proliferated across (and even beyond) higher ed, intensifying the competitive playing field. With advantage conferred to scale, flexibility, and clearly articulated (differentiated) value propositions, institutions must understand the quickly-evolving dimensions of competition and develop capabilities that allow them to become and remain institutions of choice.

Watch this on-demand webinar for the debut of EAB’s 2022 Higher Ed State of the Sector where we unpack five new realities:
  • The Talent Crunch that is Here to Stay
  • How Staffing Shortages Imperil the Student Experience
  • The Widening Gap Between High School Graduation and College Enrollment
  • The Growing Dominance of Elite Institutions in the Online Grad Market
  • How to Find Success in a Winner-Take-All Research Funding Market
Following the presentation, you will hear from guest experts who will share reactions and predictions for how these themes will impact the sector in the years to come.