Fulfilling the Promise: Re-enrolling America’s College Stopouts

Personal obligations prevent many students from completing their degree in their first attempt. Life gets in the way and too often these students are left with debt and lack the benefits afforded to those with college degrees. Read the whitepaper to learn how to help them re-enroll at your institution. 

Students stop out every year, but COVID-19 has forced many students to reevaluate their education plans.

Read our latest whitepaper to better understand:

  • what causes students to stop out,
  • how you can find them after they have left, and
  • how you can support those who return to your campus.

Learn how one institution's re-enrollment program contributed to an increase of more than 20% in enrollments and a 15% increase in re-enrollment and new student applications to the college.

Download the Whitepaper