Insight Paper

Student Success Staffing in a Volatile Labor Market

Higher education is experiencing historic levels of staff attrition and difficulty recruiting new talent. Student-facing teams have been hit especially hard, leading to low morale and decreased capacity to support students. What steps can your institution take to increase staff support and better meet student needs?

Overwork, insufficient compensation, and a lack of flexible work options (among other factors) are leading to record rates of burnout among advisors, counselors, and other student-facing staff. Leaders must address these factors if they want to retain these critical employees and provide the support students need to succeed.

What concrete steps can you take to attract, retain, and make the most of your staff? In this insight paper, we provide six tangible strategies to address your most urgent workforce challenges. 

You will learn:
  • What is driving the student success staffing crisis
  • Techniques to improve staff morale, recruitment, and retention
  • A 12+ month plan to address (and prevent) staffing gaps

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