The Student Success Playbook

14 recommendations to improve student outcomes and ensure financial sustainability

Faced with the impending enrollment declines of the 2020s, student retention is not only the “right thing to do,” but also a way to achieve institutional sustainability that will ultimately benefit all stakeholders. 

  • In this playbook, we invite you to think of your student success strategy the same way mission-driven business leaders think of their business strategy. Consumers—students—are valued for what they contribute (tuition revenue) in exchange for a product or service (knowledge, social mobility, and personal development).

  • In partnership with forward-thinking higher education leaders, we’ve compiled our best resources to answer these questions:

    • Are there business best practices around maintaining consumer relationships that can be applied to student retention?
    • How can they be applied in an ethical way that works in the best interest of the students we serve?
    • What new investments should we make to achieve our enrollment, retention, and completion goals?
  • Download the playbook to learn how you and your leadership team can reshape your student success strategy. Not all recommendations are right for every institution, but we believe some of these ideas have the power to be transformative.

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold

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