2022 Voice of the Superintendent Survey Executive Brief

5 Windows into the State of District Leadership and Emerging Priorities for Progress

Nearly half of U.S. school superintendents say they are considering or planning to leave their job in the next two to three years. Read our executive brief to learn what is driving district leaders to want to leave their roles and how districts can best prepare for or prevent a mass changing of the guard in leadership.

It is no secret that the past two years have been incredibly difficult ones for school superintendents. In order to navigate this challenging time, superintendents have been relying on peer networks more than ever. EAB's Voice of the Superintendent Survey aims to support district leaders collaborative efforts by sharing insights from over 140 superintendents.

Download our executive brief to learn:

  • The current state of superintendency
  • Four priorities for post-pandemic strategy and debate
  • Recommended considerations for approaching those priorities
  • A selection of advice from 140+ superintendents on charting a path to success
Download the Brief