Enrollment leaders have had to adapt to the preferences and behaviors of Generation Z, a cohort of young people whose experiences and attitudes are dramatically different than generations who have come before. Their efforts have led to new insights into the value of personalization, the importance of digital presence, and the critical role of involving parents and family members. What’s more, the potential impact of the insights they’ve gleaned isn’t limited to just this latest generation to enter higher ed; instead, it opens the door to consider how what works for Gen Z can help us better reach Gen X, Millennials and Baby Boomers.

Watch this webinar as  EAB experts from both Enroll360 and Advancement Marketing Services for a deeper dive into what advancement leaders can learn from their campus counterparts, including:

  • Leveraging your available data to create personalized, segmented outreach
  • What behavioral triggers could mean in the future of personalization
  • Why it is more important than ever that your institution is present, relevant, and engaging across the entire spectrum of digital channels
  • The growing role of parents and families, how to identify them as potential donors, and tips to tailoring messages to inspire action
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