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How to Reach and Engage Students in the New World of Virtual Recruiting

An Overview of EAB's Campus Recruitment Solution

Learn why recruitment marketing matters now more than ever and how campus recruitment leaders are embracing digital strategies.

Campus recruiting…without the campus?

Today’s environment has forced campus recruiting teams to quickly adopt new digital recruiting strategies. Many leaders are left wondering how to share company culture in a virtual setting and how to best engage with digital-native Gen Z students.

EAB has helped organizations attract and recruit college-aged applicants for 30+ years. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn best practices in virtual recruitment marketing and common pitfalls in digital candidate engagement. You'll also learn strategies to help your team:

• Increase applicant diversity using data to find best-fit campuses outside your “core schools”
• Engage campus talent with multi-channel digital marketing techniques
• Convey your unique culture and opportunities using immersive virtual tours

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Mary Love

Managing Director, Partner Development
Areas of Expertise
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Creating Virtual Spaces
  • Storytelling